Teach me how to install interspire with ip rotation

I want learn to do all this:

  • open source virtualmin installation

    powermta installation

    powermta configuration with ip rotation

    virtual-mta creation and configuration

    interspire installation and configuration

    bounce processor setup

    addons installation and configuration

    mail server configuration

    mail server validation: DKIM, DMARC, SPF, MX, EHLO implementation

Prefered a video tutorial but from skype too is no problem, but i want to learn all things and when all done, i will be able to make gigs like this on fiverr:

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11 months ago

1. Prepare a VPS with Linux installed(recommend 64 bits CentOS 6.x)

2. You will need multiple domains if you’re going to use multiple IPs. You can also use multiple subdomains with multiple IPs.

3. Create DNS A record and rDNS for each domain/subdomain/IP. Setup MX, SPF and DKIM for the main domain.

Post: Config rDNS, MX,SPF,DKIM DNS record for Mail Server

4. Install and config PMTA (PowerMTA)

Post: Install and Config PowerMTA (PMTA)

Post: PowerMTA Multiple Virtual PMTA config file sample

5. Install and config phpList, Oempro or Interspire for the frontend management. This includes campaign management, statistics, schedule, user management, subscribe, unsubscribe and bounces management.

Post: Config Interspire to send bulk email from PowerMTA (PMTA)

Post: Config Oempro to send bulk email from PowerMTA (PMTA)

Post: Config PHPList to send bulk email from PowerMTA (PMTA)

6. Maintain the Bulk/Mass mailing system. This includes review logs, process bounces and adjust mailing policy.

Post: What is ROKSO, SBL, XBL, PBL or DBL?