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10 months ago

I think all the mugis will be captured let them leave ... brook will succeed to steal them, but his friend will be purhapse be in the jail of big mom for long time.


10 months ago

The problem will be solved with the Vivre Card of Big mom, she will be happy than luffy saved lola ! and this thing will let big mom let them go. Then in the next chapters we will have big mom speaking with Nami to explaign him how i can manipulate his power and too about the vivre card , she will tell him all about lola.


10 months ago

Why there were no orders for killing luffy !!!

As we all know from previous chapter the army was ordered to capture strawhat alive . So the main reason behind it may be acquiring luffys's soul . Big Mom's ability is to remove the soul and to give it to almost anything . So why does Big Mom wants luffy's soul . The main reason being luffy has a very strong soul because of his conquerors Haki. And we also know that after the marriage is over Big mom will get access to the germa soilders . Then Mama will transmit luffy's soul into possibly the strongest soldier .. It is the same situation as it was in the thriller bark ..!!!