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11 months ago

Sanji will follow pudding's idea, he will accept to be married with she and make a deal with big mom in order to save luffy and his friends.

But big mom know that he will act like this, then she have a master card, she captured chief zeff, or she keep it in hostage.

In this case He will threaten it to kill him self if she don't let chief zeff free, with his friends.

Purhapse too jinbie will enter in action helping luffy and protect it like in marine ford.

And purhapse Sanji will choose to be married in order to save all his friends and zeff.

Big mom with his power can take zeff's restaurant in hostage from a distance.

Never thinked about this, but it seem logical.


11 months ago

There won't be of luffy fighting any more something be of sanji .But i think we could get news on jinbei and rather than about brook and pedro i think we would shown of chopper and carrot


11 months ago

Luffy, to defeat this army, he will surely use haki ultimate kings. Those who fall, would be the weakest of them as usual. But there's also this idea that Namie succeed in manipulating Zeus and Prometheus to counter them.

In the worst case, as many of us think if there's a betrayal from Jajji. But it would surprise me because Jajji is on enemy territory. There will be no chance of escape. But against this betrayal can come to Big Mom. Given his character, because already if it gets hold of the techonlogie of Jajji. I'm sure she wants all possess alone.

Or if Luffy discovers the truth about Sanji, it may change everythings.


11 months ago

I still have difficulty imagining Sanji leave crew, especially it is useful for the kitchen of his companions. I think he will remain faithful to Luffy to the end of his adventure and he will fulfill his dream.

Up to you.