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11 months ago

The other two commanders of Big Mom will be sent to take down Luffy. And probably Reiju will help Sanji escape once again. We do know that Reiju has a soft spot for Sanji so just maybe, she will end up helping him again.


11 months ago

The upcoming chapter 845 of One Piece will most likely show the consequences of Sanji leaving Luffy behind. Of course there is alway that possibility that Sanji might just change his mind and drop his horrible act. Luffy was badly injured by Sanji's Concasse attack. As Sanji and the Germa 66 caravan was leaving, Luffy shouted at Sanji saying that he did not believe anything Sanji said and that he was such a terrible liar. In fact, Luffy threatened to go on a hunger strike and never leave the spot until Sanji returns in the coming "One Piece" Chapter 845.

It was too much for Sanji to take and his uncaring mask broke down. Seeing that Sanji was crying, his sister Reiju had to ask if Sanji wanted to stop momentarily. Now the question is, will Sanji go back to where Luffy is in the coming "One Piece" Chapter 845 or ignore his comrade and proceed to Big Mom for his wedding? As Luffy announced that he will be undergoing a hunger strike until Sanji comes back for him, the latter was able to drop down his uncaring face and started to worry for Luffy. However, there is still the fear that if he chooses to go with his friends, his family is going to make true to their words in harming his master, Zeff. Sanji will have to make a big decision in next One Piece chapter 845 if he will pursue with the wedding and save Zeff, or go back to Luffy who heartily believes he is not capable of doing what he is doing right now.


11 months ago

Chapter Start!

Just outside Seducing Woods.

  1. Vinsmokes continue to laugh at Luffy, mocking his goal of becoming Pirate King. Sanji still in tears, as he thinks how much of an idiot his captain is. Begging in his mind, for Luffy to just leave.

  2. Judge decides he's had enough, and they continue forward towards Big Mum's castle. They still wonder what all the ruckus is about.

    Before they leave Luffy collapses from exhaustion finally. He has no more energy to move, his final thoughts of wanting to get Sanji back.

Inside Mirror World

  1. Brulee has finally caught up with Chopper and Carrot, but it appears another sibling has appeared to help assist Brulee. 31st son of Charlotte - Charlotte Sucre (french for sugar): Minister of Sugar.

    Carrot tries to launch an attack against Brulee, only for it to reflect back at her. Chopper decides they have to make a stand.

With Cracker.

  1. Cracker's siblings rush him to get medical attention. He's still concious, barely. His thoughts are of anger at Luffy for making him feel pain, and for eating his biscuits! Cracker swears revenge against him.

Mamma's throne room.

  1. Big Mum greets her sweet commanders. First is Katakuri - 3rd son of Charlotte; next is Smoothie - 17th son of Charlotte.

    She's quite happy to see them again, even more so in the same place. Just as she's about to ask where Cracker is, a soldier runs in yelling that Cracker has been defeated.

    Silence meet's the soldier, but just before he can get a word in, he's instantly killed.

    Mamma's rage is at it's boiling point. She's not only angry that Luffy defeated Cracker, but that another one was able to be defeated. Thunder is heard all around.

    She claims that it's time to deal with things herself for a change. Just as she summons Promotheus as well.

Unknown location.

  1. At an undisclosed location, we see Pekoms. Some how he survived again, but he's in quite a critical state again. Still quite damaged from his previous ordeal on Zou, combined with what happened to him previously. He's quite out of it.

    Aladin wonders what could have happened to him. He's also curious about the news regarding Jimbei. It makes no sense to him.

Somewhere in the New World.

  1. We see a ship with what looks like Kaido's jolly roger. Scatchman Apoo is on board. He's just successfully gotten to Jack.

    A voice on the other end of a den den mushi, tell's Apoo, to bring Jack back to Wano. The voice also tells him, that Raizou has decided to bring himself back to Wano it seems.

Chapter End


11 months ago

The chapter starts out with Sanji still emotional about what happened, and starts remembering flashbacks about his time with the crew. Then Judge reminds Sanji that they're going to the plateau soon. There is a very gloomy uninterested look on Sanji's face, almost like the face you make when you hear stuff you don't wanna hear.

It cuts to Carrot and Chopper deeper into the Mirro World. They are in another section. They managed to lose Brulee. Carrot asks "When are you going to put this plan in motion?" Chopper says, they just need to the way to Brulee's weakness.

They then get to place where brulee is storing all of her animals at(from Chapter 836). Its like a bunch of cages with wild animals. Luckily, Chopper has the ability to talk to them, and so does Carrot. The animals are all kind of sad. They say the reason that Brulee is storing them in there is because Brulee is the owner of the GLASS MENAGERIE ZOO in Whole Cake Island. Every year Brulee looks for animals across the world using her mirrors and takes them without permission.

This makes Chopper mad but it makes Carrot ESPECIALLY fur-ious(pun intended). The reason is because Carrot's pride as a mink causes her to be ashamed of this. She then says she will beat Brulee's tree looking ass.

Then Brulee comes out of nowhere. Carrot then gets mad, Chopper tells her to stop and run away with him, but Carrot doesn't want to run away. Its hard for Carrot to move anyway because of the ball and chain so Brulee just comes closer.

With a fur-ious(I'll stop) look on her face, Carrot gets ready to punch her using her paw/fist full of electro, but Brulee summons some mirror and goes inside of it so Carrot could not hit her, but when Carrot hits the mirror, instead of the punch reflecting back at her, it goes through.